The Villages

The Villages is a 55+ community in Florida. It is one of the largest over 55 communities in the United States. There are presently over 100,000 people in The Villages. It spans 3 counties in Florida, Lake, Sumter and Marion. And it is still growing.  There are single family homes, villas and Modular homes available.  Prices presently start at a low of $114,500 and a high of  $1,899,000 on the Multiple Listing Service.  New homes are still being constructed and can only be purchased through the developer.  Resale homes are also available from the developer but, there are also resale homes listed by Realtors on the Multiple Listing Service which cannot be sold through the developer since their salespeople are not Realtors and do not use the Multiple Listing Service.  So, to see everything that is available, it is a good practice to use both a Villages Sales Person and an independent Realtor.

It has recreation, shopping, educational opportunities and lots of GOLF.

GOLF:  The Villages has 32 Executive golf courses and 10 Championship golf courses.  As a Village resident you’ll enjoy Free golf for the rest of your life on all of the executive golf courses.

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Here are just a few of the golf cart accessible churches and synagogues in The Villages

•Church on The Square
•New Covenant United Methodist Church
•St. George Episcopal Church
•St. Timothy’s Catholic Church
•Hope Lutheran Church
•Fairway Christian Church
•Temple Shalom
•First Baptist Church at The Villages
•Open Bible Lutheran Church
•Chapel of Christian Faith


Recreational Centers:  These are places where you will meet new friends, learn new hobbies and share past times with other Residents.   There are many Recreational Centers and they are close to your home!  A short walk or golf cart ride away…

Hibiscus Village Recreation Center 352-671-6761
Coconut Cove Recreation Center 352-750-5870
Lake Miona Recreation Center 352-430-2950
Bacall Village Recreation Center 352-350-2281
Canal Street Village Recreation Center 352-205-8571
Allamanda Village Recreation Center 352-750-1941
Paradise Regional Recreation Center 352-753-0637
Silver Lake Village Recreation Center 352-259-1377
Colony Cottage Recreation Center 352-750-1935
Truman Village Recreation Center 352-751-2650
Odell Village Recreation Center 352/750-5870
Laurel Manor Recreation Center 352-751-7110
Churchill Street Recreation Center 352-751-6200
Pimlico Village Recreation Center 352-259-6990
Bridgeport Village Recreation Center 352-259-6590
La Hacienda Regional Recreation Center 352-753-1716
Chula Vista Recreation Center 352-753-0002
Tierra Del Sol Village Recreation Center 352-753-4412
Savannah Regional Recreation Center 352-750-6084
El Santiago Village Recreation Center 352-753-1410
Saddlebrook Village Recreation Center 352-259-5377
Mulberry Grove Recreation Center 352-259-6040
Chatham Village Recreation Center 352-753-4570

Some pictures of just one of the many lovely areas in The Villages…This is Creekside.  Notice that each neighborhood has a pool, mail station, and recreational opportunities.  The mailboxes are even air conditioned to keep medicines or treats in perfect condition.

Villages Neighborhood Pool  VillagesCreekside
 TheVillagesCreeksideVillas  TheVillagesCreeksideActivities

Village Mailboxes

Neighborhood Mailboxes


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